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Verbmobil II - VM2

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Verbmobil II

Recordings 1997 - 2000
The Verbmobil II corpus contains dialogue recordings with overlapping turns. Furthermore, the scheduling domain was extended and a new annotation system was developed for the transliteration of the dialogues (data in VM I were translated into this new format and added to the BAS edition of VM I). The original edition of VM II differs from the BAS edition that the whole dialogues including pauses between turns were recorded in two channels. To be compatible with VM I the signals in the BAS edition are cut into single files representing one turn each. The original edition is not listed in this catalogue but interesting parties may order the original CDs from BAS by the same conditions as the BAS volumes.

445 speakers participated in 810 recordings (not counting the emotional speech recordings on volumes 63-65). The total VMII corpus amounts to 17.6 GB of data containing 58961 conversational turns distributed on 39 CD-R (+ 3 CD-R emonional speech).

More detailed information regarding VM II can be found here.
Information regarding different partitions and pricing about the VM corpus can be found here.

A possible definition of training, development and test subsets for the German VM corpus can be found here.

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