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You will find examples of coronal stops and nasals of Arrernte below. These are based on the example in Table 2.5 in Ladefoged & Maddieson (2008). The material was originally recorded by Andy Butcher and was downloaded from the UCLA Archive.

Notes on the transliteration:
The 'transcription' given in / ... / is for rough guidance only.
The transcription conventions used for indicating the target sounds are:
laminal dental: t̪ n̪
apical alveolar: t, n
apical postalveolar: ṭ ṇ
laminal postalveolar: ṯ ṉ

Further notes:
I was unable to find the example for apical alveolar plosive given in Table 2.5 in Ladefoged & Maddieson (2008), so this has been replaced by another item. The English gloss of laminal dental nasal as 'sitting' in Sounds of the World's Languages (SoWL) is probably a typo.

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("husband's mother")
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("mother's father")
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Click here for palatograms from fieldwork on Western Arrernte by V. Anderson.

Audio Source:
Sounds of the Worlds Languages.

Anderson, V. (1997): The perception of coronals in Western Arrernte. Fifth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology, EUROSPEECH.
Ladefoged, P. / Maddieson, I. (2008): The Sounds of the World's Languages. Malden, MA: Blackwell.