AG501: Recent developments

The PDF in the following link is an expanded version of material presented at the Carstens workshop during the ISSP 2014 meeting in Cologne
It covers four main topics:
(1) Comparison of the performance of AG500 and AG501
(2) Review of procedures for factoring out head movement
(3) A new approach to determining what data smoothing is appropriate
(4) Implementation of a twin-EMA system
  • Discussion of recent methodological developments for the AG501 [PDF]

    The PDF document above refers to the following additional presentations and movie demos:

    Topic (1) and (2): Movies related to factoring out head movement from the articulatory movements of a (pretending) restless subject

  • Video of experimental setup and speaker movement during a typical trial [MOV]
  • The head movement captured by 4 reference sensors (upper incisors, nose, behind left and right ear) [AVI]
  • Articulatory movement after factoring out of head movement (slow motion) [AVI]

    Topic (3): Filtering
    (Material recorded in collaboration with Matthias Bertsch, Vienna)
    Notes: tongue-tip is to the left; the sound track has been stretched to play at 1/5 of the original rate

  • Movements of tongue-tip and dorsum during trumpet playing [AVI]

    Topic (4): Twin EMA systems

  • Presentation at the satellite workshop on convergence at ISSP 2014, Cologne [PDF]
  • Overlaid movements of simultaneously recorded subjects (slow-motion; see PDF for details) [AVI]