Language Demos for Articulatory Phonetics

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Accordingly, we are currently setting up HTML versions of these demos.
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PDF ABC Prosody
PDF Agul: Pharyngeal and epiglottal sounds
  •   PDF see also discussion of Esling's proposal for systematizing pharyngeal sounds
    x PDF Amharic ejectives
    PDF Arabic (place of articulation)
    x HTML Arrernte coronals
    PDF Back unrounded vowels (Korean, Thai, Turkish)
    PDF Burmese Nasals (p.23 in local copy of Ladefoged "Vowels and Consonants")
    PDF Ewe: Basic tonal contrasts
    PDF Ewe: Double articulations
    x PDF Ewe labials
    PDF Ewe: Dental vs. retroflex stops
    PDF Five-vowel systems (Spanish, Japanese)
    x PDF French glides
    x PDF Hungarian palatals
    PDF Icelandic: Preaspiration and voiceless sonorants
    x PDF Japanese Vowel length and Pitch Accent
    x PDF Laryngealization (Hausa, Danish)
    x PDF Laver laryngeal settings
    x PDF Malayalam (place of articulation)
    PDF Mandarin fricatives (and tone)
    PDF Mandarin Vowels
    x PDF Mpi (voice quality, tone)
    PDF Multiple voicing contrasts (Hindi, Sindhi, Thai, Korean)
    x HTML Nama clicks
    PDF Norwegian vowels (3-way front-back contrast)
    PDF Polish fricatives
    PDF Portuguese vowels
    x PDF Quechua (ejectives)
    PDF r-sounds (Czech, Sindhi, Catalan, German)
    PDF Russian l (light vs. dark)
    PDF Secondary articulations (Amharic, Igbo, Irish, Arabic, Russian)
  •   PDF Russian palatalization in local copy of SoWL appendix, p.81
    PDF Sindhi implosives
    PDF Tamil coronals
    x PDF Temne: Apical dental vs. laminal alveolar
    PDF Time reversal
    x PDF Toda: Place of articulation for fricatives
    x PDF Tone languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Ibibio, Yoruba)
    x PDF Voice quality (Gujarati, Jalapa Mazatec)
    PDF VOT (Catalan, Cantonese, German, English, Bulgarian, French, Persian)
    x PDF Xoo voice quality (and clicks)
    x PDF Xoo clicks (place of articulation)
    PDF Yanyuwa: Place of articulation for stops
    PDF Zulu laterals

    Local copies of material from UCLA web site
    Links in the PDF files below are not guaranteed to be up-to-date; it will normally be better to consult the UCLA website directly:
    UCLA website for material in Ladefoged's textbooks
    Another massive resource, though not directly set up for paedagogical purposes is the following:
    UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive

    PDF Ladefoged: Vowels and Consonants
    PDF Ladefoged: Course in Phonetics
    PDF SoWL Appendix; additional languages and explanatory material not in the above
    PDF Overview of UCLA material; useful indices
    PDF Maps