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Verbmobil I - VM1

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Verbmobil I

Recording 1993 - 1996
The Verbmobil I corpus contains non-overlapping dialog recordings in the scheduling domain (with exception of VMS1.0) und is distributed in two flavors: The original edition (VM##.0) contains the unchanged data as used within the Verbmobil project. The BAS edition (VM##.1) contains a re-validated version where errors and inconsistencies were fixed and all available symbolic information was added to the corpus. The latter consists of the BAS Partitur Files, pronunciation dictionaries, documentation, etc.
Please note:
The volumes VM6, VM8 and VM13 contain American English and 'Denglish' (= English spoken by native Germans); the volumes VM16-19 contain Japanese recordings largly conform with the VM I standards (formats, transliteration, etc); the volumes VM9-11 were never distributed because the copyright holder did not allow a usage within the Verbmobil project.
The term 'spontaneous dialogue' here refers to a complete appointment negotiation between two speakers. In most cases there more than one negotiation have been recorded of each pair of speakers.

1242 speakers participated in 2194 recordings. The total corpus amounts to 9GB of data containing 31054 conversational turns distributed on 15 CD-R.

The general documentation to the Verbmobil 1 volumes

Information regarding different partitions and pricing

Suggested definition of training, development and test subsets for the German VM 1 corpus

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Verbmobil data from the BAS edition may also ordered in language groups, e.g.:

thus simplifying the processing of the data.

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