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IMDI Meta Data

Within the European ISLE project a standard for coding meta data was defined named IMDI. IMDI allows the structured coding of data about data (= meta data), i.e. data about speech resources. BAS uses this service to provide descriptions of its speech corpora.

Attention: with the introduction of the CMDI standard for speech resources in 2011 the support for IMDI in BAS was terminated. The IMDI data server of BAS is therefore 'freezed' in the state of 2011.

The user may browse through the meta data of all speech resources of the world that are coded in IMDI in one hierarchical structure. Meta data of BAS comprise the documentation, speaker and session description of recordings, sometimes even the annotation of the data. Meta data at BAS do not include the signals.

To browse the BAS (and other) IMDI data you must have JAVA and JavaWebStart installed on your computer. Then go to the IMDI TOOL page and start the latest IMDI Browser by simply clicking on it (the browser will then install itself on your computer and start). You will see the top hierarchy of the IMDI tree. Open the node BAS and you will see all BAS corpora.

In case you access on another way the URL for all BAS resources is:

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