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Mobile highspeed access to the Semantic Web

Our goal is to develop tools for accessing the Semantic Web often said to be the World Wide Web of the future. The access is meant to be realized for cell phones in an UMTS network. Services will be controlled by speech by the user.
The Semantic Web will be searchable for contents, as opposed to the WWW, which can be searched for words only. The responsible algorithm has to "understand" a search request in a way which enables it to deliver one graspable answer.
This technology will be necessary for the access to the internet using mobile devices like cell phones and PDAs. Interpreting hundreds of results delivered by a conventional search engine is inacceptable for users of such devices.
For concurrent transmission of data and speech in sufficient quality a high bandwith channel has to be used. UMTS seems to have all characteristics for this purpose.
SmartWeb is meant to deliver the technical environment and the know how to realize the mobile highspeed access to the Semantic Web in different settings.

Duration: 01.04.2004 - 30.09.2007

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