Phil Hoole's matlab software for EMA processing

(last updated 20.11.2012)

I have an extensive set of matlab programs for processing data acquired with the AG500.
Support for AG501 is gradually being included. Currently, it includes basic functions for converting the .amp and .pos files generated by the Carstens software to .mat files. Functions for communicating with the control server via tcpip also work with both AG500 and AG501.
More detailed information on using this matlab framework with AG501 data will be available shortly

A substantial part of the software for AG500 (but irrelevant for AG501) builds on the original TAPAD development of Andreas Zierdt for calculating sensor positions from the raw data, but integrates TAPAD into an overall framework for pre-processing AG500 data, including various tools for analyzing the quality of the data, and visualizing it at the different stages of the processing procedures.
This software package is documented in the form of two tutorials given under (1) and (2) below.
To get an idea of what the software covers, download the first tutorial and flip through the PDF files.

To actually use the software it will also be necessary to download the matlab function libraries themselves.
Information on this is given here

Note that the tutorials cover the processing stages from the point at which raw data is available after running an experiment up to the point at which the data is ready for actually carrying out phonetic analysis.
For the stages before and after those covered in the tutorials the following additional software is available:
(all this software is automatically available after installation of the matlab function libraries mentioned above)
(1) BEFORE. i.e. when preparing and running the experiment

  • Various matlab functions for communicating with the computers that actually control the AG500 hardware

    (2) AFTER i.e. displaying and analyzing articulatory data (not just EMA)
    After the EMA data has been processed as outlined in the tutorials it is straightforward to convert the resulting mat-files containing the measurement signals for use e.g. by Mark Tiede's mview program or by Emu.
    My own display and analysis package is described here:

  • Documentation of matlab program mtnew. Warning: far from complete!


    Tutorial (1) Version used for tutorial at IPS, Munich, spring 2010
    See articmanual_overview.pdf for overview of pdf documents and m-files illustrating the processing procedures.

  • ZIP file, "Munich" version

    Tutorial (2) Version used for tutorial at Aix, early September, 2010
    This will currently be the more useful version for all labs except Munich and Edinburgh.
    See readme file in the zip for further details.
    The zip file under Tutorial (1) above will also be needed.

  • ZIP file, "Aix" version

    Updates that have taken place since these tutorials were written are briefly outlined here:

  • Recent updates
    If you are using the programs regularly I recommend putting the following line in your matlab startup file:
    type phil_m_recent_updates