James P. Kirby
Institut für Phonetik und Sprachverarbeitung
LMU München

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Jiayin Gao, James Kirby. 2024. Laryngeal contrast and sound change: The production and perception of plosive voicing and co-intrinsic pitch. Language 100(1): 124-158.

James Kirby. 2023. Comparative tonal text-setting in Mandarin and Cantonese popular song. In Fagen et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Fifty-eighth Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (2022), pp. 211-230. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society.

James Kirby, Pittayawat Pittayaporn, Marc Brunelle. 2023. Transphonologization of onset voicing: revisiting Northern and Eastern Kmhmu’. Phonetica 79(6): 591-629.

James Kirby, Maryann Tan. 2023. Analyzing variability in closure voicing and co-intrinsic F0 in Central Standard Swedish. In Skarnitzl and Volín (eds.), Proc. ICPhS 2023, Prague, 2244-2248.

Jiayin Gao, James Kirby. 2023. Perceptual adaptation to altered cue informativeness: Distributional, auditory, and lexical factors. In Skarnitzl and Volín (eds.), Proc. ICPhS 2023, Prague, 137-141.

Laura Arnold, Jiayin Gao, James Kirby. 2023. Intrinsic fundamental frequency differences in two tonal Austronesian languages. In Skarnitzl and Volín (eds.), Proc. ICPhS 2023, Prague, 3345-3349.

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