Phil Hoole
Institut fuer Phonetik und Sprachverarbeitung
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen
Schellingstr. 3
D - 80799 Munich
Tel. + 49 89 2180 3149
Fax. + 49 89 2180 5790

Publications and presentations, most of them downloadable in PDF format

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Teaching materials

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Matlab software for processing 3D EMA data

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Recent methodlogical developments for the AG501

HTML document with links to PDFs and movies

Realtime MRI

Tongue movements acquired at 8 frames per second with MRI

The home page of the 5th Speech Production Seminar

See SPS5, Kloster Seeon

We organized this meeting in Kloster Seeon in May 2000
There is a great volume of proceedings with fully searchable CD-ROM available for purchase at a very reasonable price (send orders to me by email).

A selection of papers from the meeting appeared in expanded form in a special issue of J. Phonetics (Volume 30(3), 2002).
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