Language Demos for Articulatory Phonetics

Brief instructions for use:
In each demo, highlighted buttons play the corresponding sound.
Many demos are arranged in tabular form. When the column or row heading is in a highlighted button then the complete column/row can be played with one click.
For many speech items a sonagram has been prepared (as JPG or PDF).
These are indicated by a capital "S" link. Clicking on this link opens the sonagram in a separate tab.
Agul pharyngeal and epiglottal articulations
Amharic ejectives
Arrernte coronals
Ewe labials
French glides
Hungarian palatals
Japanese Vowel length and Pitch Accent
Laryngealization (Hausa, Bura, Danish)
Laver: Laryngeal Settings
Malayalam (place of articulation)
Mpi (voice quality, tone)
Nama clicks
Quechua (ejectives)
Temne: Apical dental vs. laminal alveolar
Toda fricatives
Tone languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Ibibio, Yoruba)
Voice quality (Gujarati, Jalapa Mazatec)
!χóõ clicks (place of articulation)
!χóõ voice quality (and clicks)