Phonetic Analysis of Speech Corpora

Jonathan Harrington


Appendix A. Fundamentals of the Emu query language

The purpose of this Appendix is to set out in some further detail the different kinds of queries in the Emu query language.

Appendix B: Some notes on Emu-Tcl

The purpose of this appendix is to give an overview of some of the commands and scripts in the Emu-Tcl library for building automatically trees and annotation structures. The material in this section is based on Cassidy (2000) who, as well as describing most of the available scripts in Emu-Tcl, also gives a brief overview of the necessary background to Tcl for implementing scripts from the Emu-Tcl library. For further details on Tcl/Tk see the Tcl Developer Xchange page at A very useful, readable and informative introduction to Tcl scripting is available on the web by Abelson, Greenspun and Sandon (2008).

There are two parts to this Appendix. The first (B.1) is concerned with an overview of some commands for building annotation structures from scratch and the second (B.2) with implementing existing scripts in the Emu-Tcl library for carrying out tasks such as parsing, syllabification, and the alignment of annotation strings.

Appendix C: Commands for creating the Emu-R datasets.

These commands can be used to recreate the R datasets referred to in this book

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